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(a-z): listed in alphabetical order
FAÇADES RESTORATION - PATRIMONIAL CONSERVATION (stone, concrete, work seen and similar)
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(a-z): listed in alphabetical order

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12100 - ACEITE DE TEKA: Protection and renovation of woods, especially tropical.
06091 - ACIART: Cleaning and etching of cement surfaces.
09131 - ACUARIS ANTIALGAS: Anti-slip pools.
19095 - ADIFER ACTIVADOR DE HORMIGON: Controlled oxidation of concrete, cement and similar.
19505 - ADITOR PU: Adhesion promoter additive.
19094 - ADITOX ACTIVADOR DE OXIDO: Fast energetic oxidation of ferrous surfaces.
01113 - ANTIOXIDANTE PREART: Anticorrosive synthetic primer for irons.
12115 - ANTIOXIDANTE S/R: Synthetic anticorrosive primer for fast drying iron.
19593 - ANTISKID: Anti-slip additive of controlled granulometry. All kinds of paintings.
07031 - ARTEX: Rough acrylic coating. Facades White and colors.
07032 - ARTEX LISO: Smooth acrylic coating. Public Works.
01095 - ARTIBIT: Waterproof bituminous emulsion.
04021 - ARTICRIL CONCORD: Acrylic copolymers. Very high performance and hardness. Professional use White.
04032 - ARTICRIL INTER-EXTER: Interior acrylic paint / exterior protected Special airless.
04022 - ARTICRIL MILLENIUM: Painting. Acrylic coating. Interiors and facades. White and colors.
10031 - ARTICRIL RESIN 6: Preparation of hydraulic mortars. Adhesion fund. 1/3 water dilution.
04023 - ARTICRIL SATIN: Satin copolymers. Interiors and facades. Anti-carbonation White and colors.
04024 - ARTICRIL SILOXANO: Acrylic cladding facades with siloxane. Waterproof. White and colors.
11031 - ARTICRIL SPORT: Sports flooring Water base. Colors.
02161 - ARTIDUR A-2C: Bright long-lasting aliphatic polyurethane. Multipurpose. White and colors.
02162 - ARTIDUR A-2C SATIN: Long lasting satin aliphatic polyurethane. Multipurpose. White and colors.
12168 - ARTIDUR GALVÁNICO GRIS: Antioxidant of great hardness. Cold galvanization.
06164 - ARTIDUR IMPREGNACIÓN X-40: Polyurethane fixative. Dispersed supports.
11165 - ARTIDUR X-100 2C: Polyurethane for industrial floors and interior parking.
14108 - ARTIGRAS: Grease and paint cleaner. For hands, utensils and supports.
08021 - ARTIGUM: Elastic waterproof membrane. Aggressive environments. Anti-carbonation.
08023 - ARTIGUM AUTOARMADO: Fiber-elastic waterproof membrane. Aggressive environments.
07033 - ARTIGUM FACHADAS: Textured elastic acrylic. Absorbs fissures. White and colors.
07321 - ARTIGUM GEL FIX: Transparent waterproofing elastomer. About vitrified and tile.
07034 - ARTIGUM LISO FACHADAS: Elastic waterproof coating. Fill microcracks. Anticarbonation.
08022 - ARTIGUM TOP: Protection passable in ARTIGUM PROCESS. White and colors.
02117 - ARTILAC AO: Satin urethane synthetic antioxidant enamel. White and colors.
02115 - ARTILUX AO: Bright urethane synthetic antioxidant enamel. White and colors.
02118 - ARTILUX AO MATE: Mat urethane synthetic antioxidant enamel. White and colors upon request.
08991 - ARTIMAT: Geotextile for ARTIGUM assembly.
07991 - ARTIMAT FIX: Geotextile, armor ARTIGUM GEL FIX.
10598 - ARTIMIN A: Waterproof mortar in drinking water tanks and tanks.
10593 - ARTIMIX 3: Self-expanding mortar for floors. Leveling irregularities.
10594 - ARTIMIX 4: Light restoration mortar. Recovery or creation of volumes. Facades.
10596 - ARTIMIX 5: Mixed air lime mortar with special aggregates and modifying additives.
10597 - ARTIMIX 5 LISO: Like ARTIMIX-5, but with a smooth finish.
15592 - ARTIMIX 9 - 2C: Flexible waterproofing mortar. Coating. Insulating plates.
15591 - ARTIMIX 9 COLA - 2C: Adhesive mortar insulating plates in PROCESS ARTICTHERM.
10592 - ARTIMIX 20 MICROCEMENTO: Coating. Hydraulic cement. Great grip and hardness.
10588 - ARTIMIX 111 2C: High thickness flexible waterproofing cementitious mortar.
04033 - ARTIPLUS: Acrylic plastic for interior. Airless Special.
08091 - ARTIPOS 15050: Capillaries moisture barrier. Mineralizing.
11534 - ARTIPOX AN-2C: Self-leveling epoxy coating. 100% solids.
11511 - ARTIPOX AS-2C: Epoxy paint. Anti-dust pavements.
11533 - ARTIPOX BV-2C: Low viscosity epoxy resin for sealing the support.
12512 - ARTIPOX FA - 2C: Polyvalent primer with high adhesion. Surfaces without pores.
11532 - ARTIPOX GLASS-2C: Epoxy 100% transparent solids. Finishing of the multilayer processes.
19592 - ARTIPOX MC-2C: Half epoxy cane putty for application on edges, joints, baseboards.
11531 - ARTIPOX RESIN-2C: Multilayer impregnation. Resin sealing, mixing and filling with aggregates.
08061 - ARTIPUR COLORES: Elastic waterproof polyurethane water-based membrane. Passable.
08065 - ARTIPUR FLEX: Waterproof elastic membrane of aliphatic polyurethane. Anti carbonation.
08063 - ARTIPUR SELLADOR: On porous or rough surfaces prior to the ARTIPUR process.
08064 - ARTIPUR SUELOS: Trafficable protection with moderate abrasion. Anticarbonation.
08062 - ARTIPUR TRANSPARENTE: Like ARTIPUR COLORES but transparent and bright.
07052 - ARTISIL: Silicate. Mineral paint with natural silicates.
07053 - ARTISIL IMPREGNACIÓN: Firming agent based on silicates and / or diluent from Artisil.
03112 - BARNIZ INTEMPERIE: Synthetic varnish bright aggressive environments.
03063 - BARTICRIL PUR: Water-based polyurethane varnish for concrete, stone and wood. Sparkly.
03161 - BARTIDUR A-2C: Aliphatic polyurethane bi-component, glossy, satin or matt varnish.
03114 - BARTILAC: Synthetic satin polyurethane varnish.
03111 - BARTILUX: Synthetic varnish glossy exterior / interior.
10094 - BASE ARTIMIX 4: Pigment ARTIMIX 4.
10095 - BASE ARTIMIX 5: Pigment ARTIMIX 5.
06095 - BIOART: Biocide to clean and sanitize supports with mold and paint additive.
01010 - BLINDOX: Rust converter.
04020 - BRICKART: Matt acrylic paint for interiors. DIY.
06134 - COCKTAIL DE BOLONIA: Hydrophobic consolidating impregnation. Surface film integrated to the support.
09032 - CONDENSTOP REVESTIMIENTO: Anti-condensation. Thermal and acoustic insulation.
06181 - CONSOLIART: Hydrophobic consolidating impregnation. Solvent base.
06182 - CONSOLIART ANI: Consolidating prior to restoration. Water base.
14307 - DECAPART: Remove paintings very energetic.
14105 - DISOLPOX: Solvent for epoxies. Energetic universal.
14106 - DISOLPUR: Polyurethane solvent.
14101 - DISOLSINT: Synthetic solvent. Universal.
14102 - DISOLVENTE INOLORO: Odorless solvent.
05033 - ECOARTIC: Ecological interiors. On plasterboard and plasters projected.
08052 - EPOCRIL 3C: Self-expanding epoxy hydraulic mortar. Irregular soils.
08051 - EPOCRIL FH-3C: Primer wet cement supports. Water base.
02126 - FERROART: Forge effect metallic enamel with anticorrosive properties. Colors Chart.
01031 - FIXOART: Acrylic fixative of great penetration. Very pure, dilute 4-1 with water.
08029 - GUMART: Elastic waterproofing membrane.
06141 - HIDROFUART BIO: Long lasting fungicide hydrofuge. Invisible.
04028 - MAGNUS-50: Acrylic plastic paint for protected interiors and exteriors.
13051 - NEW TEC ARTIPOX 2C: Anti-corrosive treatment of metallic surfaces.
13035 - NEW TEC BARNIZ MICROCEMENTO: Water based varnish. Protection of pavements. Satin.
13015 - NEW TEC ESMALTE BRILLANTE: Polyvalent acrylic enamel, brilliant. Absence of odors.
13017 - NEW TEC ESMALTE SATIN: Satin acrylic enamel.
13018 - NEW TEC ESMALTE MATE: Matt acrylic enamel.
13031 - NEW TEC FIXO: High penetration nanoparticle fixative.
06042 - NEW TEC HIDROFUART W: Water-based water repellent to siloxane. Invisible.
06048 - NEW TEC HIDROFUART W BRILLANTE: Water repellent and sealant for porous surfaces. Glossy finish.
13016 - NEW TEC MADERA: Lasur outdoors. Protective bottom treatment and finishing. Color chart.
06046 - NEW TEC OLIOFUART: Oleofugante-Hidrofugante water base for porous supports. No support tone goes up.
13016 - NEW TEC PLIOART: Water based Pliolite paint. Ideal for facades and interiors. Breathable.
13025 - NEW TEC PRIMER: Multipurpose primer. All terrain. Repaintable
13032 - NEW TEC SELLADORA: Covering and sealing of wood.
13055 - NEW TEC SUELOS-2C: Epoxy water resistant to abrasion and pollution. Anti carbonation.
13026 - NEW TEC TRAFFIC: Road signs. Resistance to wear and dirt.
07041 - PÁTINA ACUOSA HIDRÓFUGA L.D.: Self-cleaning long-life polysiloxane.
08024 - PAVIMENTO ARTIGUM: Elastic and waterproof continuous pavement. Passable.
07132 - PLIOART: Pliolite in solvent base. Marine and aggressive environments.
06132 - PLIOART BARNIZ IMPREGNACIÓN P: Background consolidation varnish.
06131 - PLIOART IMPREGNACIÓN: Consolidating impregnation. Absorption sealer in finishes with PLIOART.
04027 - POLART EXTRA MATE: Siliconized copolymers. Without dams. Extra mate. Extra White.
10032 - RESINTEX: Resin connecting bridge between concrete and mortars and adhesion of materials.
06093 - SANEART S: Cleaning and cleaning of supports with lichens, algae, fungi.
01111 - SELLADORA PREART: Preparation of plaster and wood. Easy polish.
04041 - SILART: Silicone multipurpose. Interiors and facades. Difficult funds. White and colors.
07022 - SILART WAX: Siliconadas multipurpose. Difficult funds. Extra white finish.
07036 - SILOFLEX: Smooth elastic coating with siloxane for facades. Water-resistant character.
06392 - STONEART: Acid stone cleaner and white marbles. Nuanced vitrified.
06393 - STONEART M: Cleaner limestone and alkaline and dark marbles.
20130 - TINTART: Universal dyes for tinting a wide variety of paints.
20030 - TINTART W: Dyes to the water for the dyeing of acrylic paints.
01112 - TIXOART INOLORA: Thixotropic anti stain and sealer. Without smell. Solvent base.
01015 - TIXOART W: Thixotropic anti stain and sealer. Water base.
09121 - VIALARTIC: Road marking paint.
04012 - VINILAR MATE SEDOSO: Vinyl copolymers. Matte frontal. Backlight sedimentation.
04013 - VINYLMAT: Vinyl copolymers. Mate. Excellent coverage and performance.

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